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  • Carrier Board (v2)

    The Carrier Board is a re-wiring option which sits between a JeeNode and its plugs. It has exactly the right size to fit snugly in a compact ABS plastic box, made from two identical, standard depth half-shells...

    €4.50 - €12.00

  • Carrier Card

    The Carrier Card is an add-on for use with the Carrier Board, via which it connects to up to 19 I/O pins on a JeeNode or SMD Kit. The entire inner area is perforated with...

    €4.50 - €18.00

  • Project Boxes

    These are sturdy, general purpose ABS plastic boxes. The clam-shell halves of the box match and mate together with a secure click. For flexibility, there are two stock shell sizes and either size may be used to form boxes...

    €4.00 - €5.00