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  * Reach us at order_assistance at jeelabs dot org or by Fax (+44) 1223 281248 *

The JeeLabs Shop was set up in June 2009 by Jean-Claude Wippler of Equi 4 Software to allow him to make some of the projects he is working on at JeeLabs available to fellow hobbyists and electronics / physical computing enthusiasts all around the world.

There is a JeeLabs weblog with 1,400 news items about numerous projects. Many of these projects are still in an experimental stage and some might remain so indefinitely. But occasionally a project manages to escape into the real world. When it does, it often ends up in this shop.

Everything developed at JeeLabs is published as open source, hardware and software. Everyone is free to take the information provided by JeeLabs and do fun things with it. Because that’s what “open” means. Enjoying, learning, advancing, and sharing – that’s what each and every project at JeeLabs is about.

The JeeLabs Shop offers a way to obtain the required bits and pieces from one place – well, for many of its projects anyway. It exists to make it easier for others to re-construct and extend the JeeLabs projects for themselves. And it pays some of the bills.

Jean-Claude has been self-employed for two decades, operating as (mostly software) consultant through his “Equi 4 Software” company, which is located in the Netherlands. But JC is no stranger to hardware – with hands-on / down-to-the-metal soldering experience as a young kid going back another couple of decades.

This shop is all being done on a limited scale, with the fulfilment transaction processed in Cambridge UK by Digital Smarties UK Ltd. They handle directly any issues with order delivery, quality, urgent shipments etc. 

Please use the email address order_assistance at jeelabs dot org to ensure the team can respond to questions about shop items, payments, and shipments.

The Shop is just an endeavour to kickstart your interest - to get stuff out there for those early adventurers who are interested in some of the things happening at JeeLabs. You’re welcome to look around and see what’s available. Now and in the future, as more items get added.

Enjoy the journey!

 Company: Digital Smarties UK Ltd.
Company Registration: 8467791
VAT/TVA Registration: Not registered

  Company: Equi 4 Software Address: Meekrap oord  6
Owner: Jean-Claude Wippler       3991 VE, Houten
Type: Sole ownership The Netherlands
Founded: 1989 Email:   jc @ wippler . nl
CoC ID: 30093322 Web: