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Something wrong? Our Return Policy

We will endeavour to fix incorrectly filled shipments quickly by some combination of replacement kits, components or line item credit. If we ask you to return all or part of a shipment, please keep a record of the postage expense so that we can credit your account.

If you chose the wrong kit, please get in touch as soon as possible - we will try to correct the issue before the shipment goes out to save time and postage expense.

If you find that you have ordered the wrong kit for your project, we can accept returns. We will provide full credit for each line item that is returned unopened within 30 days of receipt. For payments through a service company such as PayPal, we cannot recover their fees, so credits are nett of such fees. 

If the return places the new total value of the order into a different post & package band, we need to adjust for the difference in postage charge on the order,

If you have used the item briefly before discovering your error, please make contact to discuss - often we can reprogram/retest ready for recycling. There may be a restocking charge for this.

Kits/components that you have soldered are not accepted for returns.