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Project Boxes

€4.00 - €5.00

These are sturdy, general purpose ABS plastic boxes. The clam-shell halves of the box match and mate together with a secure click. For flexibility, there are two stock shell sizes and either size may be used to form boxes with the same size clam shell or with the other size. 

The Carrier Board Kit includes these items. The illustration shows the smaller size neatly housing the Carrier Board PCB. The side slots accept 1.5mm thickness boards. Copy the dimensions documented there if you are making your own PCB's - they are a good fit.

Here are the combinations - the side wall is ~ 2.5mm thick

Outside Dimensions single half shell

123 x 70 x 14.5 - small size half shell
123 x 70 x 26.1 - large size half shell

Outside Dimensions - complete box (two halves mated)

123 x 70 x 29.0 - standard size (two small shells)

123 x 70 x 40.6 - medium size (one small, one large shell)

123 x 70 x 52.2 - deep size (two large shells)

The deeper shell has internal standoffs that measure 8mm and 14.5mm up from the base of the shell. Good for mounting larger components or PCB's if you are not using the side slots. They are easily shortened or removed with cutters.

Ordering: select the complete box size required as: standard box, medium box, deep box.