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RFM12B Board

€3.50 - €62.50

The RFM12B Board is a compact breakout board for HopeRF's RFM12B radio module, as featured on all JeeNodes and JeeLinks. If you are looking for an affordable way to add wireless communication to your Arduino (compatible) board, this is the board to get.

The board works with a whole range of Arduino (compatible) boards, such as official Arduino boards (both 5V and 3.3V versions), Freeduino, JeeNode SMD kit, RBBB and Boarduino. For ease of use, the header pins are labeled with signal names as well as Arduino pin numbers. Just plug it into your breadboard and connect it as indicated.

The RFM12B module has two variants - the Standard with the more expensive low profile SMD crystal and the Classic using a larger metal can crystal.  This is useful for compatibility if you are extending an existing network using this type of crystal. Both types interoperate fine - you may need to adjust the crystal offset for best reception when mixing the types.

The RFM12B radio module supports a power supply level of up to 3.8V. For using the RFM12B in a 5V setting, this board features a step-down voltage regulator and the resistive voltage level converters required for signal pins used. When the supply is 3.3V, the regulator and level conversion components are left out. Mount the RFM12B module on the pads provided (moderate soldering skills required - see here for some hints).

An antenna must be connected to the module - for 868 MHz, a 82-mm long piece of wire works well (quarter wavelength).


Ordering Options:

The Standard Kit variant includes the optional parts needed for power and level conversion, an 868MHz SMD crystal RFM12B radio module, and an 8-pin header. Solder everything on to make your Arduino (compatible) board wireless.

The Classic Kit variant includes the optional parts needed for power and level conversion, an 868MHz metal can RFM12B radio module, and an 8-pin header. 

For a 433 MHz version of this kit, add one Special Request - Basic Unit to your order for each kit you want changed.

The PCB-only version contains just the board. No parts, no headers, no RF module. If you are using the RFM12B Board in a 3.3V setting, you can select this version - just add the C2/C3 decoupling capacitors and an RFM12B 868 MHz module or 433 MHz module radio.

For bulk requirements, try the  6Pack - that's 6 Kits or PCB's for the price of 5.

The documentation and full design details are freely available, as well as an Arduino library with sample C code.