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€2.50 - €9.50

The MOSFET Plug is a small board containing two high-power MOSFETs for switching loads at up to 5A @ 50V (this will require an extra heatsink).

For use without heatsink, a maximum currrent of 1 .. 3 amps should work fine. Just keep in mind that MOSFETs can generate a few watts of heat when used continuously at 2A or more. You can tie the MOSFETs in parallel for larger currents.
This plug was designed for driving LED strips, but other loads can be driven as well. With two MOSFET Plugs, there are 4 individually controllable switches - to drive an RGB strip and a white strip, for example.

The Kit version comes with all the parts needed, including a high-power terminal block with individually detachable connectors. Note that no 6-pin headers are included.

The PCB only variant contains just the board for the MOSFET Plug. No parts, no headers.

As connectors you can use a Plug Headers set with 10 male and 10 female 6-pin headers, which makes it easy to connect multiple plugs and JeeNodes in a “standard” way. Or you can solder the board directly in place for more permanent use.

The documentation and full design details are freely available.