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JeeNode Zero

€14.00 - €49.50
Sold Out!

Go Wireless with the new JeeNode Zero - an ARM M0⁺ based board with fully integrated radio opens up great new projects. These compact units have Mecrisp Forth and radio module drivers pre-installed - just connect up and right away you get a prompt for typing commands;  no compiler tool chain to install and maintain!

See this Weblog series for more details of the device evolution. Power up to 5V can be supplied externally (e.g. LiPo, USB derived etc.) or by using an optional on board  CR2302 coin cell. Develop linked to your workbench and then deploy as remote battery-powered reporting and/or action nodes.

The radio module is the proven RFM69 type from HopeRF. The module is specific to the each ISM band due to the frequency dependent components that filter and match the RF output to the antenna.

Chose the ISM band option (434/868/915 MHz) to fit your country allocation(s).

Chose the Combo discounted package to get the BUB III and two JeeNode Zero with matching ISM band radio options (434/868/915 MHz) to fit your country allocation(s).

Chose the No RF option if you don't need the radio function or plan to fit your own radio (RFM69CW/RFM12B footprint).

The initial batch for early adopters was limited to one per customer, with a request for feedback on the design and the development environment. This feedback was incorporated into the new version 4 limited production batch - shipping now, no limitation.

Order now for immediate shipment while stocks last - including matching all-metal battery clip.

Feedback on the design and the development environment continues to be welcome via the Forum.

Documentation and full design details are freely available.