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Jeenode Zero ready: The USB BUB-III board is a flexible active USB connector. It uses a branded FT231X chip to convert USB traffic to serial, including important control signals. It appears as a virtual "COM" port when hooked up to a PC USB port. 

If you’re looking for the BUB II it’s here

The board's highlights:

  • The USB BUB-III is fully assembled and tested. Connect up and it's ready to go.
  • RTS/DTR reset control customised for many ARM series MCU's such as the JeeNode Zero.
  • A configurable solder shunt flips the logic levels between 3.3 and 5 volts, independently from the output voltage shunt. Default=3.3v, correct for JeeNodes
  • A configurable solder shunt switches the output voltage between 5 and 3.3 volts. The regulated 3.3v is generated by the FT231X chip from the incoming USB 5.0v - remember that it’s only capable of up to 50mA output. This is fine for testing code if lightly loaded from added 'Plugs' and/or radio module at reduced Tx power. Default=5.0v, (434/868/915 MHz) for JeeNodes
  • Two LEDs configured to show power present and serial activity on the TX/RX lines.
  • The pin order of the header matches an FTDI RS232 cable (this is correct for the JeeNode / BBB RBBB / LilyPad / Arduino Pro pin header). The DTR line is present for generating 'RESET' and RTS for bootstrap control on most ARM MCU chips. 

The BUB-III mates with a USB micro-B cable (not included). These are commonly used on most modern cell phones - so you can recycle one you may already have.

If you are using the BUB just for uploading code during debugging and then that node will have its own power feed, you can unplug and use on other nodes. Caution: Don't connect a different power feed with the BUB still plugged in.

Extensive details are here Instructions and Schematic. Remember to check for the latest driver update. On Windows, old drivers may require an un-install.

Optiboot - For the ATMega world Optiboot boot loader (select UNO in the IDE), check the Logic Level option setting is the default 3.3V.  The BUB will upload to Optiboot with either the 5V or 3.3V option linked, but is not reliable with nothing soldered.