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Flash Board

€3.00 - €14.00

The Flash Board is a small PCB which sits on top of a JeeNode or SMD Kit, turning it into an ISP programmer for ATmega and ATtiny chips.

The board includes an 128 Kbyte EEPROM, a push button, an LED, and several ways to place a 2×3-pin ISP header on the board. The EEPROM can be used to store the code to be programmed into a target chip – or the board can simply be used as STK500- and AVRISP-compatible ISP programmer. The actual functionality is controlled by the sketch loaded into the JeeNode driving this board.

The Kit version contains all the parts needed to create a working ISP programmer, including all 6- and 2×3-pin headers. The EEPROM is pre-soldered on the board so you don’t have to solder this small SMD chip yourself. No IDC cable included.

The IDC Cable15 is a 15 cm ribbon cable with two IDC 2x3-pin header connectors.  You can connect the Flash Board to the target board ISP header or  ZIF socket with multiple jumpers (take care to match the pins). Or use this cable to make the link neatly. The cable has a pin 1 marker along its length as a guide for correct alignment - see illustrations (ZIF socket not included).

The IDC Cable35 is a longer version (35 cm) for installed boards that may be harder to reach.

The PCB only version contains just the board. No parts, no headers, no ribbon cable.

The documentation and full design details are freely available.