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Bare ARM Blinker

€9.50 - €23.50

A solderless pathway for exploring the ARM Cortex M0+ !

The Bare ARM Blinker is an entry-level introduction to building neat functions using the 32bit ARM Cortex M0+ chip architecture. Designed as a solderless starter kit for less experienced makers, it packs great potential with minimal parts. Get started in a space increasingly adopted for combining computational capability and flexible input/output with miserly power consumption.

The kit tracks the first ARM Cortex M0+ project documented in the JeeLabs Ebook.

The Full Kit contains all the parts needed to match the project instructions. Included is an FTDI adapter with branded FTDI chip, already modified to support the ARM processor program loading conventions. Plus a matching USB cable, bread board, preloaded NXP LPC810 chip, enough wire jumpers and the required small components.   No soldering - this is the plug and play version.

The No FTDI Kit contains the parts needed to match the project instructions without an FTDI interface or USB cable. Included are the bread board, preloaded NXP LPC810 chip, enough wire jumpers and the required small components. Choose this when you already have an FTDI adapter like the USB BUB and are happy to make the modifications for the ARM processor program loading conventions.               Moderate soldering skills required.

Try here if you have the small parts already and just need to add the LPC810 chip.

Tools:  No tools are essential for building the solderless version. For a neater finish, a pair of diagonal wire cutters are useful to trim the length of the component leads before plugging into the breadboard. 

The documentation, full design details and working code are freely available.