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ARM Chips

€4.50 - €13.00

Economical ARM Cortex M0+ chips for your projects !

The LPC810 is an entry-level 32bit ARM Cortex M0+ architecture chip from NXP. The 8 pin, Dual In-line Package (DIP) is ideal for breadboarding and easy to solder PCB layouts. Despite the limited pin count, it packs a considerable punch of 32 bit processing power with flexible I/O configuration and miserly power consumption. With 4 kB Flash and 1 kB RAM, the space-efficient generated code has ample room for your custom embedded programs.

These chips are factory fresh so just have the burnt in bootstrap present - follow this Weblog series for detailed instructions on building and uploading your own software.

Select the ARM DIP Duo for a pair of chips if you just need an active chip with a spare when just starting out. They are tolerant chips (accepting 5 V logic signals even though typically using a 3.3 V supply), but of course, not indestructible.

Select the ARM DIP 6pack for a handy supply of chips as your project demands grow. Keep them in their anti-static packaging and there are no 'shelf-life' problems.

Extensive documentation is available - big .pdf's warning !