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  • Ether Card

    The Ether Card is an add-on for the Carrier Board, which in turn is made to fit perfectly in a standard project box. It has three 6-pin headers on the side (only 8 pins on two of...

    €5.00 - €21.50

  • JeeNode Micro

    The JeeNode Micro (v3) is the skinny younger brother of the JeeNode - 15 x 47 mm, and just 3.5 mm tall, from using a thin PCB and an extra-flat wireless module. The two ports (not four) of the...

    €3.50 - €119.50

  • RFM69CW Board

    Here's a neat HopeRF RFM69CW radio module breakout board. An affordable choice to add modern wireless capability to your Arduino (original or compatible). Supporting both 5V and 3.3V power, this matches a whole range of Arduino...

    €3.50 - €115.00

  • RFM69CW Radio

    The more recent RFM69CW radio module by HopeRF is a compact, powerful radio transceiver module for swapping data packets in the 868 MHz ISM band, using standard and enhanced FSK modulation. Great for sub-compact designs; just 4mm...

    €6.50 - €31.50

  • RFM95W / RFM96W Radio

    LoRa™ is here! The innovative RFM95W / RFM96W radio transceiver modules by HopeRF build on the strengths of the RFM69 series by adding support for the LoRa™ PHY modulation method. This spread-spectrum technique can communicate even when signals are buried in the background noise,...

    €9.50 - €18.50