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JeeNode SMD (v1)

€4.50 - €199.00

This is a JeeNode built with SMD parts. It contains Atmel’s ATmega328p AVR microcontroller and HopeRF’s RFM12B 868 MHz wireless radio module, and pins to connect to an USB BUB or other FTDI interface. The ATmega is pre-flashed with the OptiBoot loader (compatible with the Arduino Uno) and the RF12demo sketch. See the JeeNode description for more details.

JeeNode SMDs are shipped with the ISM-band 868 MHz radio module for use within Europe.

The pre-assembled JeeNode SMD comes with the all SMD components soldered on. Four 6-pin female and one 6-pin male header are included and need to be soldered on to access each of the 4 ports and the FTDI pins. The PSIX and SPI/ISP headers are not included, these are intended for more advanced usage scenarios.

A 433MHz version is also available rather than the more usual 868 MHz. 

915MHz version is available at modern device  with US Dollar prices.

The 6 Pack and 10 Pack are simply six or ten of the pre-assembled JeeNode SMD at a reduced price for those larger projects.

The PCB only variant is the bare board without any components. You’ll need to add your own ATmega, RFM12B, regulator, pin headers, and a few other components to create a working JeeNode SMD. This board contains SMD parts of size 0603 – you will need to use proper SMD tools and soldering techniques to assemble a JeeNode SMD yourself.

The documentation and full design details are freely available.