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Graphics Board

€5.00 - €25.00

Display a range of fonts, symbols or graphs dynamically with the Graphics Board. Create a compact assembly that integrates a 64x128 graphic LCD with a JeeNode (or JeeNode USB, or SMD Kit). You can still add a variety of additional plugs, just use the repeated Ports 2 and 3 on the PCB. 

This display draws ≈ 6 mA on 3.3V systems, and ≈ 19 mA on 5V systems. The actual current can be adjusted by changing the value of the backlight resistor.

The alternative is software control that allows full dimming instead of just simple on/off action. A solder jumper on the PCB selects either feeding the backlight from the PWR line or IRQ line instead. This enables PWM to vary the average LED current and hence the brightness of the backlight.

Note that this board is designed for the JeeNode v5 and later. A small component mounting change is required with Jeenode v3/v4, see the documentation for the details.

The Kit - Light option uses a Graphics Board with dark blue dots on a light blue background. Even with the backlight off, this is clear and crisp. The kit contains the 64x128 graphic LCD with backlight, all necessary components, and 4x 6-pin male headers to connect a JeeNode.

The Kit - Dark option is the same kit, but the LCD has light blue dots on a nearly black background. The contrast is slightly higher, but can't really be used with the backlight off.

The PCB only version contains just the board. No parts, no headers.

The documentation and full design details are freely available. Make sure you download the latest support library (based on Lady Ada’s ST7565 graphic LCD library) to access all the enhancements.