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Assembly service

€5.00 - €15.00

Maybe you don't like soldering. Maybe you're worried about not getting the hardware to work first time or don't want to solder that Radio "SMD" module. Perhaps one fully working unit as an example will make it easier to build the rest yourself?

That's what this Assembly service is for. Let Digital Smarties do the work for you on one or more of the kits or plugs from the Shop. You order the kits and add the Assembly service - we build and test for you.

The Node assembly option turns a (non-USB) JeeNode kit into a completely assembled and tested unit, ready to use and attach plugs and boards to. This option can also be used for LEDNodes and RBBB kits.

The Room Board assembly option is an add-on option for the Room Board Kit, to solder everything together and test the resulting board so it can be used directly on a JeeNode.

The Ether Card assembly option is an add-on option for the Ether Card Kit, to solder everything together and test the resulting board for use with a JeeNode + Carrier Board.

The Header assembly option includes all the required headers, which are soldered on and tested. Making plugs ready to use with JeeNodes and other configurations. Header assembly can be applied to: JeeNode USB, Plug Shield, USB-BUB, and any of the pre-assembled plugs.

If you're including Header assembly in an order with multiple plugs, please send an email after ordering to specify which of the headers should be assembled.

What you need is not on the list?  No problem, email to order_assistance @ jee and we will try to accommodate your request.