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  • Bare ARM Blinker

    A solderless pathway for exploring the ARM Cortex M0+ ! The Bare ARM Blinker is an entry-level introduction to building neat functions using the 32bit ARM Cortex M0+ chip architecture. Designed as a solderless starter kit for less experienced...

    €9.50 - €23.50

  • Garage Parking Aid

    More from the Bare ARM series of solderless projects - the Garage Parking Aid. This kit tracks the Garage Parking Aid ARM Cortex M0+ project documented in the JeeLabs weblog. The Full GPA Kit contains all the parts needed to...

    €19.50 - €33.50

  • JeeNode Micro

    The JeeNode Micro (v3) is the skinny younger brother of the JeeNode - 15 x 47 mm, and just 3.5 mm tall, from using a thin PCB and an extra-flat wireless module. The two ports (not four) of the...

    €3.50 - €119.50

  • Precision RTC Plug

    The Precision RTC Plug is a small (21x35mm) board containing a low power real-time clock with battery backup. It continues to track the time with second by second resolution while the attached node is sleeping or...

    €3.50 - €14.00