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Wind Sensor Rev P

Sold Out!

No more waiting!  The latest rev P6 batch passed QA and cleared the backlog.


A compact anemometer sensitive enough to detect human breath. A refinement of the popular Wind Sensor Rev C, this design incorporates hardware ambient temperature compensation. An accurate temperature reading is made available on the interface. Based on the time-proven "hot-wire" method, this technique excels at low to medium wind speeds. Great for sensing weak indoor air movement, where the spinning cup anemometers are ineffective. 


Developed by our colleagues over at Modern Device USA, the design and application details are here.

The PCB is fully assembled and packaged with a loose 5pin male header for soldering ready to mount vertically or horizontally.

Note that as well as the usual logic level voltage, you need an additional power feed to supply the on board regulator that provides the heating current (supply 9-12V, the load is ~40mA depending on wind speed).

N.B.  Check that your power supply does not exceed 12V when open circuit - this can damage the sensor.  Many low-cost power bricks will go over their marked voltage with a light load.