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  • AA Power board

    Get clean 3.3V regulated power from a single AA battery! The AA Power board is a neat board for generating 3.3V from a single AA battery (Alkaline or NiMh), sufficient to power a JeeNode, for...

    €3.50 - €14.50

  • Coin Cells

    Power your  Real Time Clocks JeeNode Micro JeeNode Zero etc. with these branded Lithium - Manganese Dioxide 3V coin sized batteries. They are low self-discharge, intended for a light average current draw, achieving a shelf life of several years....

    €2.50 - €4.00

  • Precision RTC Plug

    The Precision RTC Plug is a small (21x35mm) board containing a low power real-time clock with battery backup. It continues to track the time with second by second resolution while the attached node is sleeping or...

    €3.50 - €14.00