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RFM12B 868 MHz

€6.00 - €29.50
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The RFM12B radio module by HopeRF is a compact wireless radio module for sending and receiving packets on the 868 MHz ISM band using FSKThere are two variants, the -S1 series with a metal can crystal and the more expensive -S2 type using a low profile, SMD crystal. We supply the height-saving SMD crystal type.

This module is used as standard by all JeeNodes and JeeLinks. It is controlled via the SPI bus, and works with a power supply level of up to 3.8 V.

An antenna must be connected to the module – for 868 MHz, an 82-mm piece of wire can be used (quarter wavelength).

For the specifications, see HopeRF’s RFM12B page. For details on how to hook it up and an Arduino library with sample C code, see this post on the JeeLabs daily weblog.

For a breakout board for this module with a 5V option, see the RFM12B Board.

The Modern Device shop has 915 MHz modules at US$ prices.