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JeeLink (v3c)

€27.50 - €32.50

Good news! The new batch is out of QA. No more queue. 

The JeeLink is a fully assembled and ready-to-use USB-type “stick” which plugs directly into a PC, Mac or USB hub. It contains Atmel’s ATmega328p AVR microprocessor, HopeRF’s RFM69CW wireless radio module and a branded FT232R USB interface chip. The processor is pre-flashed with the OptiBoot loader (compatible with the Arduino Uno) and the RF12demo sketch. See the JeeNode description for more details.

This JeeLink version is only supported on recent firmware - for FHEM support with standard firmware, use JeeLink Classic

Achtung FHEM Benützer: Diese JeeLink Version (v3c) wird nur mit der neusten Firmware unterstützt

Unlike JeeNodes, JeeLinks do not have any external ports to connect plugs or other components. The JeeLink comes in a clear plastic case and is intended as a wireless interface between other JeeNodes and a PC or Mac attached via USB.

The JeeLink v3c also has 16 Mbit of flash memory, which can be used to collect data. An accurate (10 ppm) crystal helps keep track of time, even when the attached computer is sleeping.

The on-board wireless radio module can interoperate with other JeeNodes fitted with either RFM12B or RFM69CW radio modules. The standard JeeLink 868 comes with the RFM69CW ISM-band 868 MHz radio module (the band used across Europe). For similar power settings, this radio module has greater range and/or penetration of walls than the RFM12B.  Chose this variant unless you have a special compatibility requirement with equipment that uses a different ISM band.

For ISM 868 MHz band, chose the JeeLink 868 option. For mounting your own protective covering such as heat shrink sleeving, chose the JeeLink 868 NoCase option - this is supplied without the clear plastic case.

For ISM 433 MHz band, chose the JeeLink 433 option.

For soldering on your own choice of radio module, chose the JeeLink NoRF option.

For the 915 MHz ISM band, refer to the Modern Device, USA shop (US$ prices).

The documentation and full design details are freely available.